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Victoria Lorenzo Silva Lawyers


Founded in 2008, Victoria Lorenzo Silva Lawyers is a law firm providing legal expertise for all individual and business needs; truly dedicated to defend people rights and interests. We work hard to provide best professional solutions treating with special care and respect any legal problems. Our personalised services will guarantee the perfect legal advice for your interest.

EL DESPACHO: Bienvenido

Why with us?

Expertos en derecho laboral y extranjería

We are a multidisciplinary company based in Malgrat de Mar (Barcelona), renowned for the personalized services and comprehensive legal advice we provide to business and individual clients.

       Since 2008, our team dedicates time and knowledge to solve different legal problems always trying to get the bestoutcome for our clients and their case.

We offer a complete range of legal services, specilised in civil , criminal and labor law. We provide advice and representation on family law issues (separation and divorce, parental arrangements for children ...) , urban leases (drafting contracts, evictions, bond refunds ...), property (claiming installments from defaulters, drafting community acts, advice to the housing associations ...), employment ( unfair dismissals, ERE, ERTE, holiday rights, redundancy, settlement agreement ...), criminal (advice and support when facing any criminal charges...) and immigration .

At Victoria Lorenzo Silva Lawyers we prioritise a personalisided service which we consider for the best outcome and the most comprehensive solution.

We have acces to the latest technology and complete legal library; including constant training courses to ensure our lawyers have all the tolls needed to perform in the most serios and professional way. 

In addition we count with a large number of offices distributed all over the entire country with who we colaborate opening our network and not just restricting our area of action to Catalonia but the whole country.  

"We think the ceaseless work and depth reseach leads us to the desired result, achiving our main objective, which is the satisfaction of solving any problems our clients may ask advise for. "

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Isa Miguens

Very happy with the service. I felt very sheltered and well cared for.. They solved my problem efficiently and quickly. Someone refered them to me and they were right.
If I need a lawyer again, I will defenetely come back to them.

María Otero

We received an excelent and personalised service; in they guaranteed total privacy.

 Highly recommended.

Álvaro Retortillo

Victoria helped me in a difficult situation. Honestly, I can´t be more  grateful.
Someone you can defenetely trust.

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